Save the Frog

Save The Frog


Save the Frog – drag the leaves, save the frog – Online for Android! Can you beat your friends’ scores?

Drag lotus leaves to prevent the frog from falling into the lake. Save the frog to the farthest away. Test your reflexes, avoid obstacles on the way and collect coins. You can unlock new characters with coins and buy boosters. See how far you can take the frog?

A difficult game, adventure game, reflex game, tap and Save the Frog

MOVE as fast as you can!
Save the FROG

★ Drag lotus leaves so that the frog does not fall into the lake!
★ Watch out for alligators!
★ Fish caught on the lake may have various impacts!
★ Take a safe journey through the bubble!
★ Don’t miss the free bubble opportunity!
★ Collect coins and unlock the characters!
★ Fugi, Freg, Mr. Frock, Frosie, Froslob, Frobo and more are waiting for you!

Do not miss the difficult game that is really fun to play!

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